Year 2 for the WE Arts community securing an empty retail space to create a Pop-up Art Gallery, a local community artist gathering, showcasing local arts.

2014 saw a flower shop on Denman St become a gallery for one week with 22 artists, 3 sales, over 800 visitors and a fun opening night with about 300 guests. The space donated by Time Square Suites, opening night wine by Volcanic Hills Winery and the event costs by a Vancouver Foundation Small Grant designed to connect our community.

Now in 2015 we still have to secure the location, again sponsored by a Vancouver Foundation Small Grant, we hope to showcase more local artists with some live art created at the opening, along with live performances.

Expected to be a blend of Photography, Painting, Music and Performance, we invite artist applications. This is a juried event, preference will be given to local artists and to artist willing to paint/perform live for opening night.

The theme: “Home”, as in, this is our home, beautiful BC, Canada, Vancouver, the West End, one of the finest places to live on earth. Artists are invited to share both their appreciation for our home here, and maybe even contrast with previous homes, as in where we came from. Many of, if not most of us are from someplace else and lucky enough to call Vancouver home.

We look forward to artist submissions and to the opening night.

Stay tuned…

Artists please contact if you have any questions.

West End Landlords/Venues please also contact if you have a suitable location.

Dates: ideally a venue available in September or October for a week or two.

Thank You… here’s to more visible local arts and to our community connected through art as our true self expression.