It’s time for WE Arts to hire staff and build stability that will enable regular programming of arts events in Vancouver’s West End.

Our goal is to connect our community with arts.

In 2015 over 300 community members contributed to the creation of a Vision for the Arts in Vancouver’s West End (the full Art Plan is available here).

The top priority from the Art Plan Vision is a Weekly Arts Market that will begin this summer in the new Jim Deva Plaza at Bute & Davie.

To date WE Arts has been volunteer driven, now registered as WE Arts Society, armed with the Art Plan Vision these are our 2016 fundraising goals:

  1. $15,000 hire Director, covers 3 month salary to enable full time fundraising and grant writing.
  2. $25,000 conduct Strategic Plan to establish priorities in delivering the Art Plan Vision, upgrade, and goal number one.
  3. $100,000 enables full time staff, director, part-time support staff, and goal number two.
  4. $200,000 full first year operating budget for staff, admin, location, communications and basic operation of key programs.

To Donate, please contact

We are non-profit association, not a registered charity, so no tax receipt will be issued.

Thank You for your support of local arts.

Join us on Denman Street for Car Free Day and Art on the Street, Saturday June 18th, noon to 6pm, we’ll have a 50/50 draw…

Please share this with your friends and colleagues who love and support local arts.

Thank You All.

These are ambitious and necessary goals for WE Arts Society to operate successfully. Volunteer burn out in producing significant events is a serious problem than can significantly effect our ability to deliver and survive as an organization. Your support is much appreciated.

“Now is the time for WE Arts to become the central hub to advance and manage elements of the Art Plan Vision”, priority number 3 of the Art Plan Vision.