Please come join in the fun on the Street ~ Meet some fun Local Artists…


Vancouver’s West End is packed with artists… more that 20% of our neighbours are artistic, yet we have no venues or local art galleries to gather, to share, or to sell our artwork…

Saturday June 18th: Car Free Day on Denman Street will be closed for the afternoon, enjoy this community celebration by joining the first annual Art on the Street event hosted by WE Arts with kind sponsorship by the Denman Mall.

ARTIST CALL: calling all West End and local artists, yes you, we’re talking to you… maybe you’re a famous or established artist, maybe you’re an amateur, an amazing doodler, or have your art hidden away under the bed, in a closet, in a basement or out of sight… or maybe you’re a blogger, a commercial artists, or young artist with great work to share. The newly formed WE Arts Society and the people of Vancouver invite you to share your art… dig it out and show it on the street Saturday June 18th from noon to 6pm.

Be part of the new buzz, connecting community with arts…

What : Art on the Street is a half day outdoor pop-up art gallery and showcase of West End local art. Part of Car Free Day, the street is closed for a community celebration, including local art.

Where : Denman Street between Nelson and Comox, opposite the Denman St Mall

When : Saturday June 18th noon to 6pm (set up 11am, tear down 6pm)

Who : Local and West End Artists

How : Apply at events@WEArts.ca attach a pdf of your work please.

Why : Share and sell your art, connect with your community, meet like minded Vancouverites and visitors to Car Free Day.

How much : $10 for a hanging panel, $15 for a table to sell artwork.



  1. Can I just show up with my art on the day ? No. Space is limited, so both hanging and table space must be pre-booked and paid for.
  2. Can I paint or create live ? Yes you are welcome to produce live art on the street, however again we ask you register as space is limited and organizers like to know what to plan for.
  3. Must I be there all day ?  Yes artists who wish to sell their work must be present to sell their art. WE Arts nor Denman Mall will take payment for you. You are also your best agent, and the public enjoys meeting artists.
  4. What if it rains ?  WE Arts will provide tents for those who register. We also have indoor space in Denman Mall if we need to move inside.
  5. Should I insure my art ? It’s probably a good idea to insure your art, as theft of damage is always possible. We cover general liability with our event coverage, this may not cover the full value of your art, so please take responsibility for transportation to/from the event and stay with your art all day, or until it is sold.
  6. Is this open to music and performing arts too ? Our location on Denman St is close to one of 3 programmed sound stages, and our block of Denman will showcase a few performances in the WE Arts zone. Please do join us and share your art, while also respecting the art and space of others.

Come join us… have fun… meet your fellow local artists… 

Volunteers Needed: 

Please consider volunteering for Car Free Day Art on the Street with WE Arts,  help share the buzz Connecting Community with Art.